Thursday, January 21, 2010

Exposing The Extremism Behind The National Prayer Breakfast

by Wayne Besen of Truth Wins Out:

We are about to embark on a historic mission to stop persecution of LGBT people in Uganda and we want you to be a key part of our vision.

Most people think of the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC as an innocuous event.

Few people know that this breakfast is orchestrated by a secretive fundamentalist group known as The Family.

This dangerous and politically active organization is directly linked to the "Kill the Gays" bill in Uganda.

We believe it is time to inform people of the truth regarding The Family and its toxic worldwide influence. It is time people understand the radical extremism being served up with eggs and bacon at The National Prayer Breakfast each year.

Equally important, it is time we present a loving and compassionate view of spirituality so intolerant groups like The Family do not define people of faith.

This is why we are working with a coalition of groups to launch The American Prayer Hour on February 4th, the same day as The National Prayer Breakfast.

The groups behind this effort are MCC, HRC, GLAAD, NGLTF, PGLAG, Truth Wins Out, Full Equality Now DC and the National Black Justice Coalition.

The American Prayer Hour will consist of a series of decentralized events across America and be anchored by key events in Washington, DC, Dallas, Chicago and Berkeley:

- Dallas-- Creating Change Conference (7AM CST, Sheraton Dallas) Ray Boltz

- Chicago Theological Seminary (7AM CST, The Chapel)

- Berkeley--Pacific School of Religion (7AM PST, The Chapel)

- Washington, DC Calvary Baptist Church (10AM EST, with a live performance by gospel superstar Ray Boltz and HitPlay)

If you live in these four cities, I hope you will attend an American Prayer Hour.

If not, consider hosting an American Prayer Hour in your own city. Our goal is to have people from around the country speak out against intolerance, stand up for inclusive values and do everything in their power to derail the "Kill the Gays" bill in Uganda.

If you are interested in organizing an American Prayer Hour, please contact me, Wayne Besen, at

Please, understand, we may be all that stands in the way of blood flowing down the streets of Kampala. I hope that you will link hands and help us do everything we can to save the lives of our Ugandan LGBT brothers and sisters. If the situation were reversed, we'd sure hope they would be there for us, wouldn't we?

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