Saturday, January 9, 2010

America Deserves Better Than Rush Limbaugh

by David Badash for The New Civil Rights Movement:

I’ll be honest. I thought Rush Limbaugh might die. There wasn’t an emotion attached to it – I didn’t jump up and down, excited or upset. But the journalist in me realized there was a need for an obituary. So I wrote one. Then I put it away when we learned he was fine. In good taste, I couldn’t publish an attack on a sick man.

I’m glad Rush is in good health.

But I cannot accept his ludicrous and, of course, harmful judgment that the American healthcare system is perfectly fine.

So, two things. One, about healthcare. The second, about the man who continues to do damage to this country. Yes, a reminder about the hateful things Rush says about gays.

Here’s Rush on his healthcare experience:

Limbaugh claims that he received excellent treatment, the same as anyone else who would have called 911.

Anyone else with the name Rush Limbaugh. He bypassed two other hospitals to go to one selected to attend to the multi-millionaire.

Rush received great healthcare in part, because of who he is, because he could afford it, and because the state of Hawaii mandates certain levels of care, including that the healthcare professionals, like nurses, are unionized, and that employers offer healthcare to their employees.

But remember, the healthcare debate isn’t only about quality of care, but effectiveness and cost. Mr. Limbaugh’s personal experience doesn’t place him in a position to critique the quality of healthcare in this country. His financial status doesn’t place him a position to understand the impact of healthcare costs to the average person in this country.

Here’s what I wrote last Thursday when we learned Limbaugh was ill:

Extreme right-wing conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh was taken to the hospital from his ninth floor room at the Kahala Hotel and Resort late Thursday night. A CNN reporter said at about 11:40 PM EST, via Twitter,

“Limbaugh complained of chest pains. Sources say he told medical crews he was taking medication for a back problem. Still serious condition.”

Another CNN reporter, Ed Henry, said, also via Twitter, that Limbaugh was taken to Queens Medical Center in Honolulu.

Twitter exploded with the news of Limbaugh’s possible heart attack, with hundreds of tweets posted every minute for hours.

I’ve followed Rush’s attacks on gays and the gay community over the past year. And just as I was honest when Oral Roberts passed a few weeks ago, I will be equally honest now. Here’s what I said about Roberts:

“While I believe in having respect for the dead, I also believe in speaking the truth. And I also believe that we dig our own graves. Roberts leaves a legacy of hatred and homophobia that scarred millions in this country. Many will condemn me for saying that, but I believe he would be proud of my condemnation.”

And I say exactly the same about Limbaugh. Limbaugh spoke ill of many people. He excoriated homosexuals, and repeatedly condemned us. I thought I’d share with you some of Limbaugh’s hate speech:

“Bend over grab your ankles” regarding President Obama.

On the Iowa Supreme Court decision that a ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional, this rant:

“This is why an electoral majority needs to happen in order to defeat these people, and even after they’re defeated, they try to go around it in other ways, getting judges, like unanimous decision in Iowa today, with the Supreme Court, unanimous, that a ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional. Now, I guarantee you, if we could go dig up James Madison and say, “Mr. Madison, did you intend for the Constitution to say people of the same sex could get married?” And I guarantee you he would have the reaction, “What are you talking about? Are you sure you’re asking me about the Constitution?””

And from my March 5th post:

“…five of Rush Limbaugh’s most offensive, anti-gay, homophobic, bigoted comments:

1. Aired a song about Senator Barney Frank called “Banking Queen“.
2. Democrats will “bend over, grab the ankles, and say, ‘Have your way with me’” to African American and gay voters.
3. On the Mark Foley scandal: “In their hearts and minds and their crotches, they don’t have any problem with what Foley did. They’ve defended it over the — over the years.“
4. Openly gay students are “trumpeting” their sexuality, “inviting dissent”.
5. “When a gay person turns his back on you, it is anything but an insult; it’s an invitation”

Lastly, there’s this one, which I have yet to figure out how many sensibilities it offends:

“…let’s say we discover the gene that says the kid’s gonna be gay. How many parents, if they knew before the kid was gonna be born, [that he] was gonna be gay, they would take the pregnancy to term? Well, you don’t know but let’s say half of them said, “Oh, no, I don’t wanna do that to a kid.” [Then the] gay community finds out about this. The gay community would do the fastest 180 and become pro-life faster than anybody you’ve ever seen. … They’d be so against abortion if it was discovered that you could abort what you knew were gonna be gay babies.””

So, Mr. Limbaugh, glad you’re OK. I’m not glad you’re still a bigot, you’re still a hateful liar, and you’re still on the air. America deserves better.


homodiksuk said...

If I thought the baby was going to be an ugly bigoted hag, like someone we all know, or some radio talk show host that jerks off to hate, I'd be totally in favor of aborting that child.

But you know gentle people, they are ALL just envious of us.

Cause we lookin cute and feelin cute,,,

homobutfuk said...

That just works my nerves.

Rush... no one wants your junk...
cause you ugly and hateful...


How about some more Johnny to cheer us all up.

Ashton said...

So you're having a gay baby?