Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sing Away Hate

Perhaps this approach would be a nice response to the hate spewed in Venango County by the American "Family" Association of Penna. and "Christian" radio station WAWN ... not to mention at Franklin High School where allegations of harassment, violence and discrimination by school authorities against LGBT and other students continue unabated.

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Shake Your Groove Thang said...

What is the difference between Oil City and this town?

There is a difference, clearly.

Around here gays, lesbians and trans people pretty much keep a low profile, as do the intelligent educated people.

Oil City citiznes have let the Tea Party Republicans manage the community conversation, even though they are a tiny minority, and a minority with no real future in the demographics of the country and the world.

Yes, for the first time Democrats outnumber Republicans. But the progressive element still remains timid and that continues to puzzle me.

Also, even among people sympathetic to LGBT causes, there is total apathy. They see it as a non-issue and wish people would just stop talking about it.

At the same time, censorship, cultural and economic stagnantion and depression keep dragging the town down. People don't seem to really see the connection between intellectual stagnation and economic stagnation.

Furthermore, everyone around here is waiting for the great sugar daddy Marcellus Shale gas drilinng to save them. One can only hope that the positive of this will be people from outside the area will move here and enlighten this community that the world has changed.

In the meantime, the paradigm of the world continues to change far away from this white, Christian, bigoted myopic approach, mostly thanks to the internet.

The demographics of the country continue to change AWAY from the values of the AFA, and it's not going back to the Victorian Era no matter how much people wish it so.

Oh and there is no Easter Bunny.