Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Teachers (And Principals) Who Bully

"Out In The Silence" is a documentary film about the brutal bullying of a gay teen in Venango County's Franklin High School and the courageous battle the teen and his mother wage against anti-LGBT bigotry, harassment, violence, and discrimination in this conservative rural area.

While the film deals most directly with peer-to-peer bullying, the making of the film revealed that the root of this violence grows from the biggest and most cowardly bullies in the high school, Principal George Forster (pictured at far left) and his protectors on the Franklin Area School District Board.

These problems in Franklin and throughout Venango County will only end when a concerned public addresses them head-on and seeks true accountability and justice.

Addressing Teacher Bullies

by Teaching Tolerance:

When schools implement anti-bullying programs, the focus is usually centered on student-to-student bullying. However, students aren’t the only bullies in school. Teachers sometimes earn the label when they employ questionable disciplinary and management practices. Addressing Teacher Bullies is a presentation intended to help educators assess and reflect on their classroom management style and learn more about how inappropriate displays of teacher power can impact student learning.

Teaching Tolerance designed this presentation for teacher leaders, professional learning groups, staff development coordinators and other educators interested in engaging their colleagues around issues of teacher behavior and classroom climate.

Using the presentation in a small group setting allows participants to learn from each other through discussion and collaboration. The included audio narration assumes a small group environment. However, educators working independently may choose to turn off the audio component.

The presentation can be played directly from the Teaching Tolerance site or can be downloaded for use offline. Please be sure to move your mouse over the slide window to advance the animation and video.


Anonymous said...

You people crack me up. I can't believe Erie Blogs even allows a hate filled blog like yours on it's site. Meanwhile, we normal folks are expected to fret about the menace of “bullying,” which means failing to treat ostentatious sexual deviants with sufficient reverence. Stop your whining and quit ramming your deviant lifestyle down our throats.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Anonymous Coward, there is nothing ¨normal¨ about you slithering around demanding that ¨ostentatious sexual deviants¨ (whatever that would mean since it´s unrelated to Equality, Bullying or Civil Rights) be treated with sufficient reverence. You, quite clearly, have NO REVERENCE for others, nor for freedom of speech (¨allows a hate filled blog like yours on it´s site¨) but surely, enjoy the aspect of anonymity at this blog that allows you to ooze poisoness fear and hate against LGBT people who are abused...abused by you and other ignoramouses who remain entrenched in the ugliness of your own perceived reality...unlike TRUTH you have nowhere to grow as you wallow in the depths of self-righteous demeaning of others (and most likely self-deceit). Leonardo Ricardo