Tuesday, August 9, 2011

U.S. Evangelicals Export Hate - Promote Genocide in Uganda

In 2009, the Ugandan Parliamentary proposed an anti-homosexuality bill that would impose the death penalty on serial offenders of homosexual acts. Inciting fear and sanctioning homophobia, the bill has caused LGBT Ugandans to be hunted in their communities and forced into exile. IN THE LIFE focuses on the evangelicals behind the bill, and exposes the political and financial influence used by powerful conservatives in the U.S. to export their anti-gay agenda overseas.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thank you, thank you...although I´ve accompanied you through the years now with the exposure of David Bahati, The ¨C¨ Street Family, President Museveni´s ¨special¨ interest in demonizing LGBTI people in Uganda (let´s not forget Anglican Archbishop Henry Orombi who is MP Bahati´s spiritual advisor as well as exporter of HATE/BIGOTRY to The Episcopal Church in The United States and The Anglican Church of Canada) these videos were very eyeopening, sober and REAL! For that I thank you for putting this post together...it helps me/us keep our eye on the ball and not glance away from the deadly actions of politicians covering as Christian Evangelists in Uganda, Jamaica and Nigeria/beyond. I´d love to know if anyone has ANY information regarding Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury meeting up, or being entertained by any of The Family folks (Williams had a six month sebatical at Georgetown in 2009 and seems to currently ¨embrace¨ much of The Families ¨party line¨ regarding LGBTI Anglicans/others.

End Bigotry in Venango County said...

Interesting Leonardo. We'll let you know if we learn anything about Rowan Williams and The Family.