Saturday, August 7, 2010

"The Film Portrays Oil City In A Very Favorable Light"

OUT IN THE SILENCE, a documentary film about the quest for fairness & equality for LGBT people in small towns & rural communities, just received the most important honor imaginable, recognition from the Oil City Arts Council, an amazing organization and group of people working for change in the very community portrayed in the film.

Our gratitude will be shown at each and every screening as we continue to share news of the great efforts underway in Oil City to help make it, and the surrounding area, more welcoming and inclusive of all who wish to call it home!

Text of Letter:

August 5, 2010

Dear Joe,

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Oil City Arts Council, I am sending our deep appreciation to you for the sensitivity and sense of community that you expressed in your film, OUT IN THE SILENCE. We feel that the film portrays Oil City in a very favorable light with regard to the interpersonal relationships and personal concern for human rights displayed by our residents.

We hope that you will feel welcome to visit Oil city often and that every opportunity will be taken to show your film to new audiences.

We send our congratulations on your artistic achievement with OUT IN THE SILENCE and wish you success as you continue your creative endeavors.


Libby Williams
Oil City Arts Council

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Linda Henderson said...

This is so good to see and well deserved Joe. The Oil City Arts Council serve as great leaders in our community! Their support and leadership in the city's Arts Revitalization initiative is having a huge impact on economic development and bringing people of all walks of life together. See what members have done at the National Transit Art studios and meet the new artists who have moved to the area and you will see what building community is all about.