Sunday, December 20, 2009

Soulful Power

Author, therapist and spiritual guide Christian de la Huerta recently sat down with Rick Borutta to talk about gay "archetypes" or roles that we as LGBT-identified people play in our lives today, and have played throughout world history among many of the Earth's cultures. Christian's book, Coming Out Spiritually was a breakthrough for many of us who needed an eye-opener to our sacred and honored past in order to reclaim parts of our inner-selves that we had ignored

Christian has a new website: Soulful Power and soon, a new book entitled The Soul Of Power, which he says will focus on women, empowering women, but also empowering the divine feminine in all of us, male and female, gay or straight. He believes that the male hierarchy has been out of balance for far too long and that LGBTs play a special role in helping the Divine Mother regain her footing to realize the Tao, or balance in all things, of yin and yang.

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